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21 Nov 2016

Just what Green Juice and Thinking about Be Drinking One Everyday?

You might have been aware of the term green juice but might definitely not know what it really is. In this article Let me teach you exactly what a green juice is as well as the advantages of drinking an eco-friendly juice everyday.

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What is a Green Juice?

A green juice is usually a non sweet juice (it usually doesn't contain much fruit, if any) that's usually made up of:

Cucumber Celery

as well as your collection of leafy greens such as:

Spinach Chard Kale Collards Parsley Cilantro Broccoli Cauliflower

Sprouts. (etc.)

Some extras to increase the juice if desired:

Lemon Lime Fennel Jicama Zucchini

and pretty much any non starchy vegetable. For...